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While dental and overall health are the primary goals of dentistry, aesthetic enhancement is also a major focus. Cosmetic dental procedures are specifically designed to give patients a healthy and attractive smile. Common procedures include whitening the teeth, filling gaps with dental bridges, restoring damaged or discolored teeth and applying veneers to tooth surfaces. In the past, gold and other metals were the most common way to cap or reform teeth, but new technology allows cosmetic dentists to create a more natural smile by using colored porcelain and composite materials which match the patients’ healthy tooth surface.

Those searching for the right cosmetic dentistry service need look no further. If you have any issues with discolored or damaged teeth, we can either fit them with a natural and visually appealing veneer or enhance the teeth you already have. The result is a white, even, and dazzling smile that will increase your confidence in all social and work settings. We encourage local residents seeking best in class cosmetic dental care to contact our dental offices. We welcome patients searching for a dentist in the Buffalo Grove, Palatine, Arlington Heights, Lincolnshire, and Lake Zurich area.