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New Findings: Pneumonia and Dental Health

Dental Care for Smokers

For those who are smokers, good dental hygiene and care is critical for a healthy mouth. There a number of problems caused by smoking including gum disease, oral cancer, tooth loss, bad breath and a dulled sense of smell. In addition, smoking can create an excessive...

ADA rolls out new teeth whitening standards

Teeth whitening treatments using bleaching products are more common now than they have ever been. To ensure public safety, the American Dental Organization’s Standard Committee on Dental Products has formed a working group to draw up rules that teeth whitening...

Bringing Smiles to Nepal

When the second earthquake hit Nepal in May, damage caused by April’s earthquake was compounded. Structures already compromised in April were damaged further, making rebuilding and retrofitting them to withstand future earthquakes even more urgent. The Host...
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