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Our Northwest Suburban Dental Practice serves patients in Arlington Heights with a leading edge oral hygiene department. We strive to prevent periodontal disease and gingivitis by helping you maintain healthy gums. This emphasis on prevention is very important because four out of five adults will eventually develop periodontal disease, which increases the likelihood of experiencing other serious illnesses such as heart disease and diabetes. Our skilled dentists and hygienists can help you avoid this unpleasant outcome.


We ensure that all Team Members receive comprehensive education and training in the latest oral hygiene techniques. They work hard to prevent cavities, tooth loss and gum disease. Following a thorough oral examination, patients in Arlington Heights receive a Custom Advanced Dental Hygiene Plan. It identifies the best ways for our Hygiene Team to improve or maintain your gum health.

Depending upon the condition of your teeth, your hygienist will schedule a cleaning every three to six months. They take various steps to maintain existing dental restorations. This remains a vital component of oral health; restorations stop teeth from rotting, loosening or fracturing. Our hygienists also deliver fluoride treatment that prevents tooth decay.

It’s crucial to thoroughly clean your teeth at home as well, which is why our Team suggests the proper oral care products and procedures for you such as rubber-tip stimulators and tongue scrapers. This helps further ensure that your teeth and gums remain in good health throughout the year.

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