How a Bad Diet can Affect Your Oral Health

Oral Health in Buffalo Grove

Maintaining good eating habits is very important for your oral health. Sugary foods and beverages can harm your teeth and gums, as well as allow plaque to accumulate on your teeth. If you do not clean your teeth properly, this plaque will erode the enamel and cause tooth decay. Plaque buildup can even irritate your gums. Over time, your unhealthy eating habits may lead to gum disease.

Another thing to keep in mind is that acidic products can affect your oral health. Soft drinks contain phosphoric acid, which leads to dental erosion. Even sports drinks often have pH levels similar to that of soda. Wine contains tartaric acid, so consume it in moderation. Those who maintain a healthy diet are more likely to have good oral health.

Nearly all foods contain some sugar, but there is no reason to remove healthy sugary foods like fruits and vegetables from your diet. You should avoid foods that contain excessive amounts of sugar, such as soda and candy. To help control the amount of sugar in your diet, read product labels to build better nutrition familiarity and choose healthier groceries.