Diabetes and Gum Disease. New Scientific Understandings.

by Lee Ostler DDS

People with diabetes already know that diabetes can harm their eyes, nerves, feet, kidneys, and heart. But did you know that diabetes can cause problems in the mouth? Scientific research has now confirmed that diabetics have a higher risk for gum disease.

Periodontal (gum) disease is a chronic low-grade infection of the gums and bone around the teeth. Oral bacteria cause gum tissues to become infected and break down. Because diabetics tend to have more problems with infections and wound healing, gum disease represents a worrisome threat to both oral and general health.

The good news is that diabetics who have regular dental care experience better control of their blood sugar, compared to other diabetics with gum disease. The bad news is that diabetics who are not in control of their blood sugar have gum disease more often than diabetics with good blood sugar control.

This means that diabetics who are well controlled can enjoy the same level of oral health as non-diabetics if they practice good oral hygiene, wifikill apk have regular professional care, and keep their oral tissues healthy.

This makes the dentist and dental hygienists valuable members of the diabetic team. They help assure that the mouth stays healthy and does not complicate blood sugar control or the overall management of diabetes. Working with a dentist who understands the unique challenges faced by diabetes is important.

If you know anyone with diabetes, you will be doing them a huge potentially life-saving favor by sharing this information and encouraging them to take care of their diabetes and their oral health. This is because people with diabetes and gum disease have a dramatically increased risk of dying from diabetic complications.

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