Oral Thrush: Irritating and Rare, but Treatable

Yes, it is possible to get a yeast infection in your mouth, and it is just as irritating as other yeast infections. The condition is called oral thrush, and it happens when the yeast that is naturally found in the mouth becomes overgrown. It primarily affects those with compromised immune systems such as people living with AIDS or who are undergoing chemotherapy, but it can also affect someone who uses a steroid inhaler to treat conditions such as asthma.

Ask Your Dentist About Oral Thrush

If you have oral thrush or you are concerned that it could develop, don’t hesitate to speak to the staff at Creekside Dental. Dr. Sara Chung, Dr. William McCune, Dr. John Micaletti and their Buffalo Grove, IL dental team will be able to answer any questions that you may have about this condition and help you find a treatment. Contact our office for more information or if you need to schedule an appointment with a great Buffalo Grove, IL dentist.

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