Did You Know That Water Benefits Oral Health?

We drink water to quench our thirst. We may also drink water as a healthier no-calorie beverage alternative. Although we may have a fundamental understanding of the health benefits of water, few understand how the full potential of this powerful liquid. Dr. Sara Chung, Dr. William McCune, and Dr. John Micaletti of Creekside Dental want patients to understand how and why water is beneficial to oral health.

Water and the Body

The Buffalo Grove, IL dental team knows that most patients don’t understand the connection between water and maintaining good oral health. This is why they are committed to educating patients on the benefits of nutrient-rich water and the role it plays on keeping their teeth healthy and strong. As humans, water makes up sixty percent of our body composition. This is evidence of how vital water is to our health holistically. Every part of the body, including the teeth, benefits from this precious liquid.

How Water Benefits Oral Health

In particular, water plays a key role in preventing cavities and tooth decay. It’s a calorie-free alternative that keeps your teeth clean by washing away food particles and debris. It also helps to alleviate dry mouth which is known to contribute to the development of cavities. When water contains fluoride, it helps strengthen your teeth. Drinking water with fluoride is a super easy way to prevent cavities. Water has zero calories and no sugar. Sweetened drinks like soda can put you at a higher risk for cavities. Think about this the next time you drink water – it’s an easy way to care for both your body and your smile.

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This Buffalo Grove, IL dentist is committed to educating patients on all the oral health benefits of drinking water. If you have questions or concerns, please contact us. We are here to help you.

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