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5 Modern Dental Care Techniques to Preserve your Smile in Buffalo Grove

 Some of the basic principles of dental care were developed many years ago. The reason dentists continue to practice them is that they work. However, over the last few years, there have been many advancements in dentistry. Even the methods for treating tooth decay are getting an overhaul. Foundational principles and good dental care are still intact, but modern dentistry is offering new ways to treat common problems. Here are five modern dental techniques used by Dr. McCune and the dental team at Creekside Dental in Buffalo Grove.

Modern Diagnostic Tools

When detected early on, tooth decay can be treated effectively, and less damage occurs to the tooth and its structure. Tooth decay can cause infection and damage to a tooth’s root, interior, and supporting bones.  Modern diagnostic tools like digital x-rays, optical scanning, and microscopic magnification help dentists detect tooth decay earlier so it can be treated. This reduces the amount of tissue that will have to be removed from the tooth before it receives a filling.

VELscope Oral Assessment

VELscope is a modern dental tool used to help detect oral cancer. It features a blue excitation lamp that can highlight precancerous and cancerous cells. It allows dentists to diagnose oral cancer in the earliest stages while it is treatable. The tool doesn’t determine if cells are cancerous or not, however, it helps find abnormalities that are not visible to the naked eye.

Cone Beam CT Scanner

A dental cone beam CT is a modern piece of x-ray equipment that is often used when regular dental x-rays are not adequate. This modern technology provides a three-dimensional image of your teeth, bone, nerve pathways, and soft tissues in the mouth. The cone moves around to produce numerous detailed images of the mouth. Some dental office do not offer the advanced x-ray technology of the cone beam, but here at Creekside Dental, we have invested in the technology and have an in-house cone beam CT scanner to get the highest level of detail for treating root canals, detecting dental decay and placing dental implants.

Precise Dental Treatment

Thanks to advancements in modern dentistry, there is now a process called digital anesthesia. This is a modern dental technique used to numb just one area or even just a single tooth. Dentists can then focus on only the area needing attention. This technique offers precise care that addresses the problem directly without numbing the entire mouth. It’s much more comfortable and doesn’t have effects that last as long as some of the more traditional options.

More Durable Solutions

In years gone by if you chipped or damaged a tooth, treatment could be costly and time-consuming. There was no guarantee it would be a long-lasting fix. Modern dental care provides more durable solutions. Over time, they do not need as many updates or fixes. Modern advancements in technology have improved veneers, crowns, and other dental repairs so they are longer lasting. This saves patients a lot of time, money, and concern.

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