Are Sugar-Free Products Bad For Your Teeth?

Most people know that sugar is bad for teeth. Bacteria feeds on sugar, which leads to plaque and tooth decay. Choosing sugar-free options seems like a better choice, but these foods and drinks can still damage tooth enamel. Creekside Dental is committed to taking care of your teeth and is here to help you get in the know.

Why Are Sugar-Free Products Bad?

Sugar-free products often have additives for flavor that can damage your teeth. Citric acid, a common ingredient in sodas and candies, is an acid that wears down the enamel. Sugar-free candies can leave residue in the mouth that gets between teeth. Even if you get regular cleanings from your Buffalo Grove, IL dental team and you brush and floss every day, you’re exposing your teeth to food that cause you problems in excess.

What Are Your Options?

Your Buffalo Grove, IL dentist recommends that you choose fresh fruits, raw vegetables, nuts and other whole foods for snacking. Choose healthy snacks instead of candy or sweets.  When you do eat sugars, natural or from sweets, or drink something acidic, do try to brush your teeth or rinse your mouth soon after.

To seal the deal, make an appointment with Dr. Sara Chung, Dr. William McCune or Dr. John Micaletti for your biannual dental cleaning to keep your smile sparkling clean.