Tips for Tackling Pregnancy Gingivitis

Pregnancy could easily be described as a season of constant change. Hormones are fluctuating and blood flow is increasing, in addition to a whole host of other things. These changes often have a substantial impact on a woman’s oral health and can often lead to disorders like pregnancy gingivitis. Dr. Sara Chung, Dr. William McCune, and Dr. John Micaletti of Creekside Dental understand these changes and know how to approach this dynamic season in a woman’s oral health.

What’s Happening?

As blood flow increases within the body, the gums often swell and bleed, and teeth may become loose and tender. This leads to a condition called pregnancy gingivitis. Although this condition is temporary, it still requires attention to prevent it from becoming an advanced disorder like periodontal disease. Even chronic conditions like diabetes as well s poor lifestyle choices like smoking, have a negative impact on this disorder.

What Should You Do?

The Buffalo Grove, IL dental team understands the importance of properly caring for the teeth during this ever-changing period of time in a woman’s life. This is why it’s important to continue to brush and  floss, perhaps also employing a few additional methods. Supplementing with vitamin A and calcium helps to build strong healthy teeth, which is extremely important when it comes to preventing this disorder from progressing. For relief, painful gums can be disinfected and soothed by gargling with sea salt and warm water. Unfortunately, in some situations, at home measures fail to deliver and more may be required. An antibiotic or prescription mouthwash may be needed. This requires that you see your Creekside Dental team as soon as possible when at home measures don’t provide relief. Early and quick intervention goes a long way, so be sure to schedule an appointment at Creekside as soon as you need our expert and attentive care.

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