Oral Health Division in America

When it comes to dental healthcare The U.S. is demonstrating yet another split between “haves” and “have nots” according to a recent Harris Poll. Those in households with an income of under $50,000 are more likely to delay needed preventive oral care and other dental related treatment.

Most low-income Americans do make some effort to maintain dental health. However, many skimp on or omit flossing and eating healthfully. They are also more likely to engage in harmful behavior such as smoking.

To improve the dental health of all Americans, Oral Health America (OHA) kicked off its Fall for Smiles campaign. The goal is both public education and policy change, which included a Sept. 10 event on Capitol Hill. The Fall for Smiles website has more information about this event as well as the meeting between OHA board members, their supporters and members of Congress to discuss policies that impact oral health.

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