Keeping Up Oral Health with Age

It is often believed that as an adult ages, it is normal for that adult to lose their teeth. This is perhaps well founded, as close to three-fourths of individuals aged 65 or older retain a preponderance of their natural teeth.

While the number of older adults keeping their teeth has increased, it is imperative to keep your oral health in the spotlight as you grow older. The Pennsylvania Dental Association emphasizes the importance of good oral health habits throughout one’s entire life as a precondition to keeping ones teeth into old age. Specifically:

    • Brush all sides of your teeth, front and back, every morning and evening with a good toothpaste and toothbrush. Floss at least once a day to get grit out from between your teeth.
    • Schedule a dental visit every 6 months for cleaning.
    • A balanced diet is not only good for your overall health: it also helps keep your mouth healthy Avoiding sugary foods and beverages helps avoid cavities.
    • Alcohol and tobacco uses increase health issues such as cancer of the mouth and gum disease, so limit these.
    • Always let your dentist know if you have xerostomia (dry mouth).
    • Dentures should be cleaned with the same routine schedule as if you were cleaning your natural teeth.