Sensitive Teeth Are A Common Complaint

Teeth that are sensitive to hot or cold foods are a common dental complaint. Sensitive teeth could come from worn dental fillings or dental enamel, exposure of dental root, cavities or tooth decay, or broken or otherwise damaged teeth.

Dental enamel protects the exposed visible part of healthy teeth or the crown. This enamel layer can wear away or erode exposing an inner layer of the tooth called dentin. There is a layer beneath the gum line that is called the cementum, which also has dentin below it. Dentin consists of tubules that reach the nerves of the teeth.

When the enamel or cementum layers of teeth become worn or recede, the dentin layer can react with hot or cold foods or foods that may stick to it. All of these can lead to pain while eating or brushing.

A dentist can effectively treat tooth sensitivity, so please contact us if you have any concerns about sensitive teeth.

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