Keeping Your Teeth Strong and Healthy As You Age

Taking proper care of your teeth and oral health becomes increasingly important as you grow older. Although many people believe it is impossible to avoiding losing their teeth as they age, teeth can stay healthy for a lifetime if they are properly maintained.

As the years pass, your mouth undergoes certain changes. For example, the nerves in each of your teeth become smaller. This leads to decreased sensitivity in terms of cavities and other oral issues. Without regular dental care, problems can go unnoticed and end up even becoming a severe do you know if someone super likes you on tinder

To ensure your teeth stay healthy as you grow older, consider incorporating the following tips into your dental regimen:

• Brush your teeth twice each day (you want to find one with soft bristles or use an electric toothbrush)
• Floss at least once a day
• Consume tap water (the majority of tap water contains fluoride – this helps discourage tooth decay)
• Attend regular dental check-ups