Smart Food Choices for Good Dental Health

The daily food and beverage choices you make can impact your dental health. Here are suggestions from the American Dental Association for some of the best food choices for a beautiful smile:

The best beverage choice for maintaining good oral health is water fortified with fluoride. Fluoride protects teeth against cavity-causing acids. Find out if your community water supply is fluoridated and enjoy a glass regularly, right from your kitchen tap.

Dairy products such as milk, yogurt and cheese make great snack choices, providing calcium that strengthens teeth. Just make sure your choices are also low in sugar.

Include plenty of meat, fish, eggs and poultry in your daily menus because these foods are rich in phosphorus, which helps not only to protect, but also repair, damaged tooth enamel.

Include a variety of fresh fruits and vegetables in your diet. Their water and fiber content is healthful. And the chewing action involved in eating fresh produce, along with protein-rich nuts, stimulates saliva production, helping to keep teeth clean.

By making smart daily food choices, you can help avoid gum disease and prevent tooth decay. Why not make the smartest food choices possible to promote good dental health?

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