What Special Oral Health Issues Should I Know About as a Senior?

As a senior, What Types of Oral Health Issues Could I Be Facing?

    • Regular brushing and flossing are great habits for at-home care at any age, but older people are more susceptible to developing problems with their teeth and gums. Health conditions that require taking regular medications cause side effects like dry mouth for example. With regular professional care, you have the best chance of combating any oral health issues before they become severe.
    • Wearing dentures might cause a patient to get too relaxed with their oral care. Even if you do not have any natural teeth, it’s important to continue receiving an annual exam to ensure that there are no hidden issues. Your dentist will be able to provide detailed instructions for proper denture care between professional visits.
    • Natural teeth are more likely to decay and develop painful cavities in an older adult. It is advised to brush at least once a day with a fluoride toothpaste to strengthen enamel, and use floss to clear any debris.
    • Senior citizens often experience chronic dry mouth as a side effect of certain medications. Not only is this problem an annoyance, inadequate moisture can lead to tooth damage. Rather than avoiding a necessary medication, the dentist can offer various solutions to improve saliva production.
  • Gum recession that occurs over time often exposes parts of the tooth that aren’t adequately protected from sensitivity. Persistent sensitivity could be a sign that there is a cavity or damage that requires professional repair. Otherwise, an anti-sensitivity toothpaste can decrease any uncomfortable sensation through regular use.
  • Any general health conditions, such as diabetes or cancer, can cause negative side effects inside the mouth. Discuss any issues with your dentist to ensure that you receive adequate care according to your unique situation.

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