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If you’re experiencing swollen gums, redness, chronic bad breath, or bleeding or soreness of the gums, you may be suffering from gum disease. Additional symptoms can include loose feeling or sensitive teeth, or teeth that appear the have lengthened. If you know any of these symptoms all too well, it is time to schedule a checkup! When making your appointment, be sure to accurately share your medical history because smoking and other factors could increase your risk.

At your appointment, we will take an image of your tooth anatomy. A hygienist will thoroughly examine your gums to check for irritation and measure any pockets. Your pockets will be measured with a probe that functions as a ruler to ensure they don’t exceed 1-3 millimeters in depth. Don’t worry, this examination is typically completely free from pain. Your dentist will use all of this information to diagnose and treat your gum disease, if present.

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