The Rationale Behind Tongue Cleaning

Seldom if ever do we take time to clean our tongues, but tongue cleaning is key in maintaining oral hygiene and especially having good breath. The tongue harbors bacteria that acts on food debris left in the mouth. The resulting chemical process produces smelly compounds that can give you bad breath. Dr. Sara Chung, Dr. William McCune and Dr. John Micaletti of Creekside Dental practice are here to help with any questions you have about your tongue health.

Tongue Cleaning Techniques

There are many tools made specifically for cleaning your tongue, but using your usual toothbrush will work just as well. Once you are done brushing your teeth, switch your focus to the tongue. Working from the back to the front, firmly but gently brush or scrape your tongue beginning from the back coming to the fore, and rinse your toothbrush with each pass until your tongue is a healthy pink.

Tongue Cleaning Tools

If you’re seeking specialized tongue cleaning tools, your Buffalo Grove, IL dental team advises that you consider specialized toothbrushes with built-in tongue cleaner head or tongue scraper. Just as with the toothbrush, each scraping action should be followed by a thorough rinsing of the cleaning tool to avoid re-depositing the bacteria back on the tongue surface. Even if after this process your tongue looks off-color or is causing you concern, your Buffalo Grove, IL dentists are just a phone call away. Remember: your teeth aren’t the only thing that are important to good oral health. Take care of your tongue too!.

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