Fluoride Toothpastes vs. Fluoride-free – Which is Better?

At Creekside Dental, Dr. Sara Chung, Dr. William McCune, and Dr. John Micaletti are here to answer your questions regarding the fluoride-free toothpastes you may be seeing on the market. In essence, the most important function of toothpaste usually tends to be the fluoridation it provides, as just the action of brushing your teeth and flossing every day is enough to buff away plaque. Fluoride-free toothpaste may be a good option for you if you find you have allergies or recieve more than enough through your water supply. However, most people will benefit with toothpaste that gives you the advantages of cavity-fighting fluoride.

Fluoride and tooth decay

Your Buffalo Grove, IL dental team would like all toothpaste users to understand how fluoride can help to protect against tooth decay and cavities. This naturally-occurring substance has the ability to coat the teeth with minerals to essentially replenish your tooth enamel, which keeps your smile strong and resists the actions of bacteria in the mouth. Take it from Buffalo Grove, IL dentists – it’s well worth keeping the enamel-saving contribution of fluoride.

For patients with special conditions like rare fluoride allergies or high content in their water supplies or diet, we at Creekside recommend coming in for an appointment for an evaluation and to talk about your options.

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