The Link Between Kidney and Oral Health

March is National Kidney Month, making this a great time to learn about the role this important organ plays in your daily life. The kidney, shaped like a bean, is a filter, which removes waste and excess water from the blood. Unfortunately, some people experience renal disease that prevents the kidneys from doing their job. Few people recognize that renal disease leads to oral health issues.

Surprisingly, doctors are often able to use the condition of one’s mouth to accurately diagnosis kidney disease. This is because patients with the condition are commonly diagnosed with gum disease and other infections of the mouth, owing to a weakened immune system. Bad breath is another common side effect of kidney disease, typically because of excess urea the organs fail to filter out of the bloodstream.

As if bad breath and gum disease were not bad enough, renal disease can contribute to more significant health issues. These include tooth decay and, far worse, heart attack and stroke.

by Creekside Dental

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