Study Shows More Preventive Dental Care is Needed

Did you know you there are factors you have no control over that contribute to a lack of dental care? A recent study in the ″Frontiers in Public Health″ states those with health insurance receive preventative care more than those without dental coverage, by as much as 138 percent. Surprisingly, smokers were less likely to get preventative dental care than non-smokers, according to the study.

Other less obvious factors contribute to receiving preventative care, as well. Women take the time for regular dentist visits than men do. Race also seems to come into play. Asian Americans and Caucasians are the most likely to get regular preventative care. In 2008, for example, those two races topped with 77 percent of Asian Americans and 76 of Caucasians visiting their dentist regularly, while only 57 percent of African Americans and 62 percent of Hispanics and Native Americans receiving preventative care that year.
The study concluded, while more people have been receiving the preventative dental care they need over the last decade, there are still 23 to 43 percent of Americans are still going without this important part of taking care of their health and overall well-being.

by Creekside Dental

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