Surprising Causes of Bad Breath

Have you experienced the embarrassment associated with halitosis or bad breath? You may be surprised to learn that halitosis is an important red flag for oral health issues. The most common cause of bad breath is tooth decay or disease. Fortunately, the Creekside Dental team is highly skilled at reversing the effects of tooth decay and restoring both your smile and your good breath.

Skipping Meals Doesn’t Bode Well for Your Breath

Not all causes of prolonged bad breath, otherwise known as halitosis, are attributable to poor oral hygiene. According to our Buffalo Grove dental team, some causative agents of halitosis are connected to your nutrition and diet.

According to Dr. Chung, there can be very negative oral health consequences when you fast, and the most common is halitosis.

Dr. McCune explains that the key to significantly reducing oral malodor is saliva. Inadequate saliva production results in a field day for microbial growth in the mouth, which causes bad breath. A dry mouth from frequent fasting also results in dead cells forming on the tongue. According to Dr. Micaletti, it’s during the chemical breakdown of the dead tongue cells that you produce foul breath unaffected by your toothbrushing.

Think twice before skipping meals or ignoring potent bad breath, for your oral health depends on recognizing important symptoms of decay or saliva reduction. Give our Creekside Dental team a call today to schedule your next cleaning and examination, and we’ll ensure that you are not suffering negative social consequences from neglected oral health.

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