Things a Dentist Knows Just By Looking in Your Mouth

Too many people push off a visit to our practice until the last minute when they cannot stand the pain. It is important to regularly visit Dr. McCune for checkups to avoid serious dental issues. There are a surprising number of overall health indications our Creekside Dental team can spot from simply looking into your mouth.

Our team can often tell whether a patient is pregnant, bites their nails, or sucks their thumb. We can also tell if you only use dental floss right before going to your appointment.

Dr. McCune can also spot more serious health concerns, such as whether our patients have a drinking problem, oral cancer, or diabetes, based on the state of their dental health. Even eating disorders can also be evident through the current state of your teeth. It is important that our Creekside dental team to take your dental and overall health seriously, so give us a call today to schedule your next regular cleaning and examination.

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