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 5 Common Problems Restorative Dentistry Can Address

What do you think about when you hear the term, “restorative dentist”? Even though the name may be a little intimidating, it covers dental treatment that can take care of many common dental problems. Restorative dentistry offers a variety of procedures to help alleviate pain, restore comfort, and provide aesthetic appeal for patients who face dental issues. Popularity over the last few years has grown partly due to the ability to replicate the tooth’s natural look. A restorative dentist may use treatment options such as crowns, veneers, bridges, or dental crowns to restore function and appearance.

Who might need restorative dentistry?

Anyone might have need of restorative dental services. It may depend on the condition of their teeth and gums. Many times, people wait until problems become unbearable before seeking care. Routine exams and preventative care are necessary for maintaining good oral health. A restorative dentist can help prevent dental issues from becoming worse. There are also many common problems restorative dentistry can treat. Here are five common dental problems that would be considered restorative that can be effectively addressed by your dentist.

 Restorative Dentistry Can Repair Broken Teeth

Your Arlington Heights restorative dentist has a number of options to repair a chipped or broken tooth. Restorative dentistry has the goal of improving the aesthetics of a smile and restoring the function of teeth. A broken tooth can impact your smile as well as your bite. It can become difficult to eat. The most common treatment option is to crown the tooth. These solutions can be effective for discolored or broken teeth. Crowns are an affordable option for restoring your smile. Bridges are commonly used for missing teeth and help bridge the gap between teeth. Fillings can also be useful for treating tooth fractures or cracks.

Missing Teeth and Restorative Bridges

Restorative bridges are a dental appliance used to fill a gap that was created by a missing tooth or teeth. Bridges and crowns are used together to create a permanent fix. The Creekside Dental team may use a bridge to correct a badly chipped or cracked tooth or replace a missing tooth. This type of restorative dentistry not only improves your self-esteem but can help improve your chewing capacity and prevent future dental problems.

Dental Bonding for Chipped or Cracked Teeth

When a tooth becomes chipped or cracked it’s important to have a dental professional examine it as soon as possible. If you’re looking for a dentist on Buffalo Grove Road we can definitely help correct such dental problems. Dental bonding is a quick and easy fix for a cracked or chipped tooth. It’s less time consuming and less expensive than a dental crown and it’s an effective way of closing a gap or altering the shape of a tooth that has become damaged. Dental veneers are a restorative treatment option that can be used to cover a cracked tooth.

Dental Fillings for Large Cavities

If a cavity has gone untreated for a long period of time it can get larger. It won’t go away on its own. Fillings are restorative materials placed directly in a tooth to restore its appearance and function. Cavities can result in the loss of tooth structure. Fortunately, modern dentistry in Buffalo Grove, Illinois can provide restorative fillings that are more aesthetic and match the natural color and shape of the affected tooth.

Contact a Restorative Dentist at Creekside Dental

We offer a variety of restorative and preventative dental services designed to optimize your dental health. Let us make sure your smile will last for years to come. Call Creekside Dental to schedule an exam today.

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